It’s just Loser!

The unusual model Loser is part of the 2017 collection. But there is something different about him right at first glance. Something is missing. He is like naked.

One of the best things on Botas shoes design is that there is nothing extra. No piece of leather, no seam, nothing is superficially just for decoration, everything has its own function. Each model from the Classic line is sewn from almost 30 parts and each of them is expendable. Even the characteristic side stripe – just several centimetres wide stripe of genuine leather stitched as a sign of all BOTAS 66 – has its role. It protects the side seam, which is one of the most stressed spots on the overall shoe.

In case of Loser we tried to exceptionally omit this stripe (and of course the more strenghten the side seam different way and highlight it!). It is our little experiment. Some have three stripes, we have only one but fully functional. So what if we do it without it for once? We went for it…

And what do we feel about Loser now? It is something like a zebra without stripes or a kangeroo without its pocket, but we bet for it. We enjoy trying new things and we can confirm that Loser is a real Unique!