Are BOTAS 66 shoes really Czech?
Yes, all shoes made under the BOTAS 66 brand are produced on the premisses of Botas a.s. in Skuteč, the same place where the shoes have been produced since the 1960s.

How do BOTAS 66 shoes differ from sport shoes mady by Botas?
BOTAS 66 shoes are walking shoes – their shape, materials and style is adjusted to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle and comfort of all-day use.

Can I use BOTAS 66 shoes for sport?
Everything is a matter of personal preference. BOTAS 66 is not a sport shoe, even though it has a long history in the field. They are not primarily purposed for sport, but maybe they will surprise you during all sorts of recreational activities.

What materials are BOTAS 66 shoes made from?
All BOTAS 66 shoes (except for the vegan models called Tofu) are made from high-quality natural leather, smooth or suede.

How should I take care of my BOTAS 66 shoes?
We recommend waterproofing your shoes before use and repeating it once a month. This creates a transparent barrier, which prevents water and dirt getting into the leather upper. It really works and your shoes will longer look like new! We have good experience on BOTAS 66 sneakers with German brand Pedag. When dirty, clean your shoes with a soft brush or damp cloth, eventually with mild soap for natural leather, and then let dry in room temperature.

Which ones are for women and which for men?
BOTAS 66 shoes are not divided into women’s and men’s models, all of them are unisex. So it’s only a matter of how bold you are. 

What’s the difference between the model series?
BOTAS 66 offers 4 different shapes of shoes. All of them are based on specific Botas sport shoe models. 

In which sizes are BOTAS 66 available?
Most of the models are made in sizes 36–48 (European sizes). Some models are made only in 38–46 because of their specific outsole. Selected models are available in kid’s sizes 31–34, respectively 35. For more information see our size chart.

Why is your size not available?
Every BOTAS 66 model is produced as a part of one collection in a total number of app. 300 pairs. With our wide scale of sizes this means that only a small amount of shoes are made per each model and size. This also means that you won’t meet a lot of people in the same shoes on the street. If we don’t have your size, it is very likely that it will be in stock soon. It is also possible that we are selling out the last pairs. We recommend that you don’t hesitate with your purchase. If your favorite model is hopelessly out of stock, don’t be sad, some of the models return back to production once in a while.

How often are there new models of BOTAS 66?
Most of the new models are presented in the spring collection, usually in mid March. With the beginning of the summer holidays we usually introduce a special limited edition. The autumn collection in usually presented during September and usually before Christmas there isto  a small surprise. We have around 50 models and color combinations in stock continuously.