Since 1st November 2019, our website and eshop, both stores and soon also all social network channels have stopped to use name BOTAS 66. We are now B TEAM.

This change is not about building a new brand with some long-term vision, but a temporary name for the final sale of BOTAS 66 sneakers. Although we still have a relatively large number of pairs in stock, we are forced to stop using the brand name in the title of our stores.

We had been ready to use the temporary name SABOT (66 or 99), which also won most support in facebook voting, but eventually we decided for B TEAM. We think this name best describes how we feel now. It is easy to work with in future and it freely refers to the brand name. At the same time, the similarity is not too big for any conflict to arise. Also, it has no flavor of bitterness or negative energy. However, we do not consider our newly acquired “B” to be a defeat! On the contrary, the experts confirm that the greatest musical treasures are always placed on the B sides.

From now on, you’ll find us on Fortunately, the stores remain in place, both the one in Žižkov as well as in the Old Town. We will keep you informed about the stock status during the final sale of BOTAS 66 on social networks.